Ghana diary: 2005


Every so often in life, there is the opportunity to do something  spontaneous and fun. Just because.

But back in 2003, when I agreed to support my neighbour Suleman Chebe’s idea to set up an African-Scottish music festival in Kilsyth, by introducing him to the Community Council and helping to gain their support, I had absolutely no idea what madcap schemes I would be drawn into. Or where it would take me.

The festival – Kilsyth International Carnival – was a huge success. But in early 2005, Cheef Chebe mentioned that he had obtained some funding to audition, recruit, and bring a band of local folk musicians and dancers from his homeland in Northern Ghana to perform at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, and that it might be fun to come along for the ride. I naturally spent some considerable time trying to persuade him that the whole idea was doomed to fail.

And that was just the beginning!


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